Edward Chapman Woman has been a long standing retailer in the West Vancouver community for 37 years. We began a fresh chapter with a renovated and contemporary store dedicated exclusively to GERRY WEBER, the #1 selling fashion brand in Europe several years ago.

Who is Gerry Weber? And what makes his business so successful? Gerry Weber is Gerhard Weber. The story of the 72 year old entrepreneur reads like the American dream. It leads, however, not from dishwasher to millionaire, but tells instead of the rise of a textile salesman from the Westphalian provinces. In 1965 Weber opened his first fashion shop. The clothes racks stood in his parent’s garage. Initially Weber continued to work as a clerk in a fashion company. There he discovered his passion for design, colours and fabrics. He expanded with his own fashion shops and in 1973, founded a company for the production of women’s pants. This was the birth of “Gerry Weber”.